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Web Based Applications

Process Driven Websites

There are a variety of bespoke web based applications that Advosis can create for your company, based specifically on the needs and requirements of your business. The applications can either be internal (Intranet), external (Internet) or both (Extranet). Web based application s are process driven so a consultative approach would be taken to ensure your process and requirements are exactly matched by any application created.

This website solution includes the following
  • Basic Pages
  • Dynamic Pages
  • Page design
  • Basic Search Engine Submission and Optimization(Internet only)
  • Website Hosting (1st Year Internet only)
  • Domain Name Registration and email address (Internet only)
  • Prices are subject to requirements
  • Internet Process Driven Website

An example of a process driven Internet site is an online shop (E-Commerce) which takes payments for products. The website will follow a process, i.e. Check stock level, place order, invoice creation, delivery information etc. All this can be managed through your website.

Intranet Process Driven Website
Not only can Advosis create websites for external use, we can also create bespoke web based applications for internal use to support internal processes. These applications can be easily accessed by staff and serve a variety purposes within the business framework. The advantages of an internal web based applications are:

Most users are familiar with the common User interface (or web browser) making use familiar and easy, saving time and money on additional training costs.

As the web browser is free there are no additional sharing costs across the company � as long as the user has a PC, they are automatically connected to the network.

The application allows for central storage of all your information.

There is an option to open up areas of the site onto your main website so potential customers can view certain information.

The application will be created bespoke to fit your process rather than adjusting your process to fit the application.

There are many other advantages to the web based application. If you have a process that would benefit from being streamlined into an easy to access, easy to use application, then an Advosis Process Driven website would be the perfect solution.


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