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Brochure Websites

Basic Static Site

There is no getting around it in todays modern electronic world, people expect every business, big or small, to have a web presence. Establishing your business in the virtual marketplace with a professional website adds vital credibility to your companys image.

Getting started couldnt be easier. The ADVO SIS Brochure website offers the perfect solution for businesses new to the web: a professionally designed site based on the level of general information found in company literature, hence the name.

This website solution includes the following
  • 1- 5 Basic Pages
  • Page design
  • Basic Search Engine Submission and Optimization
  • Website Hosting (1st Year)
  • Domain Name Registration and email address
Prices Start As Low As £499.00

Basic Website Pages
The brochure website can contain up to 5 basic pages. Individual page length should not exceed three page scrolls. All text content is to be supplied by the client, either on a CD, via postal mail, or by email.

Page Design
Using a combination of your company logo and images combined with stock photography and artwork, Advosis will provide a professional page design that maximises the visual impact of your website. Every image used is optimised for web use to ensure fast download and any client images can be supplied to us on CD or by email.

Basic Search Engine Submission and Optimization
Basic search engine optimisation is also included as standard, as well as regular submission to over 100 search engines with Traffic Driver for the first year. In order to ensure your site is found quickly and easily by potential customers, the title of each page will be carefully selected along with proper usage of meta and description tags.

Domain name registration and email address
In order for people to find your website we will register the .co.uk or .com of your choice (subject to availability) for the first year. In addition to this we will set up a number of email addresses so that you can be contacted at your new domain. See our Domain Email section for more information on this.

Website Hosting
Once your website is complete we will position it on the internet with our hosting partner who has recently been officially recognised as the UKs no 1 and largest web host. Hosting will be managed 24/7 and as it will be within the UK, this further enhances the Google UK search listings.



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